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  • Because you keep the popular parts in stock.
  • Because you have a package the right size for every customer.
  • Because NOBLE is the finest quality and NOBLE is 75% made in America.
  • Because every package is pre-priced and the price is right.
  • Because you have access to the complete line - every item in the catalogue.   Those numbers you don't carry - you can have in a few days.
  • Because your customers know "In the Long Haul - The Best Costs Less."

Red Dot A Complete Wiring Center Red Dot Terminals Red Dot Wire Red Dot Tie Wraps Red Dot Grommets Red Dot Clamps Red Dot Crimping Tools
Red Dot Kits Red Dot Add a Topper Display for Battery Terminals, Lugs, Shrink Tubing, Test Clips and Split Loom
Red Dot A Package the right size for Every Customer Red Dot An Assortment the right size for Every Store
Red Dot This small space works for you All The Time
Red Dot Your Customers can find them Red Dot Your Counter people can find them

Thu, 27 Sep 2012 12:40:22
Shipping Department

Congratulations over and over again Noble. I receive and ship hundreds of packages each month. It is always a pleasure to recieve your shipment. It is so refreshing every time I receive a shipment from Noble, I know the packaging is the best anyone could hope for and the contents are snug and orderly. A big thank you for making my job easier. I could only wish Noble would conduct customer service shipping classes for companies all across America.

God Bless you all

God Bless America

Thu, 10 Aug 2000 21:17:48 EDT
Shipping Department

As an employee of Amateur Electronic Supply / Las Vegas, and in charge of doing the shipping and receiving it is a real pleasure to always receive in an order from Noble Wire. The way your shipping department packs orders is the best I have ever seen. Everything comes out of the box exactly the same way its written on your invoice.  Your shipping crew has to be a very talented group, and should be commended for high quality workmanship. Thanks for making my job so much easier.


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Noble EYE Safety Glasses
Noble EYE
Safety Glasses


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